There is no person in the world who does not want to be successful and find the secret that leads to it.

However, the secret to success is not easy to determine.

On the other side, there are some people who are successful in everything they do and it is very easy for them.

Everybody wonders whether these people have some hidden knowledge that grants them success so easy.

And these people really do have something that helps them achieve success easily on every field in life.

Angela Lee Duckworth, is a psychologist who spent several years researching the factors that influence professional, as well as academic success. According to her, we usually believe that academic and professional success comes easily with talent and intelligence, but this is completely wrong.

Actually, according to doctor Duckworth’s research results there is clear evidence that talent does not contribute to success.

On the contrary of most beliefs, academic and professional success come from a trait that we all dismiss.

That trait is grit.

Yes, academic and professional success come from our capability to remain doing something even when things have gone bad. No one has thought that this is the secret to success before.

In the video below, you can see the incredible TED Talk of Doctor Angela Duckworth on what is grit and how you can increase it.

As we see that grit or our capability to remain passionate and motivated when we face obstacles and failure is essential for success, we all start having another question that will help us succeed.Are we able to improve our grit?

Fortunately, we are.

Here are the ways in which we can improve our grit and finally achieve that long desired success on academic or professional level.

• Focusing on self talk

We should always give ourselves a pat on the back when we do something the best we can even when we are not successful in achieving the ultimate goal. Often, we focus on the thing that we are smart, but we forget to push through.

This is a negative attitude because it gives us a motive to adopt a fixed mindset. So, we start believing that our abilities and talents are something innate and there are no ways to improve them.

It is far more beneficial to praise ourselves when we continue on after a failure or we push through some rough times. This will help us improve grit and reach the desired academic or professional success.

• Stay next to individuals who preserve

We should always try to be surrounded by people who have an optimistic and positive attitude even when everything is going wrong. There is no possibility for success and improving your grit when you are surrounded by individuals who believe that talent is the essential thing you need to achieve success and that talent is something that is innate. These people can be boring and make you feel down.

• Be flexible

Be flexible with everything you do and think of. In this way, you will see the problems as a possibility for personal growth.

• Determine small goals that lead to your ultimate purpose

Even though it is difficult, it is essential to find your purpose in life. You will remain motivated if you have small tiny goals that contribute to your ultimate purpose.

• Find time for reflection

At the end of the day, reflect on what you have done that day without judgment and list the things you need to do the following day. this will help you stay motivated and prepared for success.