Homegrown vegetables are far more better than those bought at grocery stores. Even though it requires time, growing your own vegetables will give you a satisfaction and you will save money. Your homegrown plants will only need enough light and water.

1. Romaine lettuce

Cut the bottom of a romaine lettuce and put it in a ½ an inch of water. After several days, new roots and leaves will appear and you can plant the lettuce in soil.

You can grow cabbage in the same way.

2. Bok choy

Put the roots in water and place them in a room with enough light. After 2 weeks, plant the bok choy in a pot.

3. Carrot

Put the tops of the carrots in water and room with enough sun light.

4. Basil

Put the basil stems in 4 inches of water in a sunny room. Change the water regularly. When the roots reach 2 inches in length, plant them in a pot.

5. Cilantro

Put the cilantro stems in water and when their length increases plant them in a pot. Give them enough sun light and you will have cilantro in several months.

6. Celery

Put the celery bottom in water and give it enough light. After three days, transfer the bottoms in soil.

7. Garlic

When you see new sprouts on your garlic cloves put them in water. Afterwards, plant the sprouts in soil. You can use them for pasta, salads and other dishes. Their taste is milder than regular garlic.

8. Scallions

You can grow new scallions from scallion’s roots. Put a scallion root that is one inch long in water. Keep it in a room with enough light.