Eating the right food and controlling our portions, as well as doing exercises to burn calories are the things you need to do in order to lose weight.

However, physical activity may not be as effective as it is commonly believed. According to researchers, as we become more and more physically active, the body adapts to the activity and counteracts the effects. Hence, we burn as much calories as those people who lead sedentary lives and don’t do exercises at all.

Significant weight loss is often noticed among obese people who start doing exercises regularly. However, the weight loss declines after a few months of physical activity. Even if those people increase the physical activity even more, the extra pounds remain. According to the researchers of this study, many calories are burnt when moderate exercises are done by people who lead sedentary lives. On the other hand, there is no such energy expenditure when people do intense physical activities.

This study may also be used to explain another interesting fact that the biologists have noticed and studied. The bodies of hunters expend energy as they lead active lives, doing hard activities and walking long distances. However, the energy expenditure is very similar to people who lead modernized and sedentary lifestyles in Europe and the United States. This unusual fact led the researchers to study the link between energy expenditure and activity further.

The study was carried out on 300 men and women from 5 different countries. The researchers measured the daily expenditure of energy of these people for 7 days. The measurements showed that the energy expenditure slightly increases when people first start to be active. When people did moderate exercises, they burnt 200 calories more than they burnt when they did not do any exercises. Despite this, there was no increase in the expenditure of energy as the body became accustomed to the regular physical activity.

Exercising continues to be an important aspect for your overall health. This discovery does not change the fact that physical activity is essential for the health of our bodies and minds. It only adds that nutrition or a proper diet is as much important as exercising when losing weight is the goal.

We can conclude from this study, that we cannot simply do more exercises and lose more weight. The weight loss process involves proper eating habits, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle in general.