We all know that in this modern era, WI-FI signal is everywhere: in our homes, in restaurants – everywhere. Many people consider this to be a great way to connect many computers and mobile phones without the use of cables. Companies that manufacture mobile phones have to follow specific rules and instructions and create safe devices for us – but we are still not 100% sure that they are really safe.

Are WI-FI signals dangerous for the human health? You should know this – in order to connect online, our wireless devices such as tablets, laptops and phones use routers. The router emits electromagnetic waves known by the name WLAN signals that can be very harmful. It’s true that we will continue not to pay attention to this fact because we know very little or no of its side effects. However, it is true that those signals can be extremely harmful.

According to a recent study conducted by experts from the British Health Agency, it has been discovered that routers have a negative impact on the growth of plants and humans. The potential negative effects of Wi-Fi include:

Damages the development in children

The radiation from Wi-Fi disrupts the normal cell development, particularly fetal development. The radiation has an impact on growing tissues, like in children. As a consequence, they are more susceptible to the negative effects and have a greater risk of having development problems.

Causes Insomnia

Wi-Fi has a negative impact on our sleep. If you have irregular sleeping patterns, this may be caused by low-frequency modulation from Wi-Fi. Those who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation have a more difficult time to fall asleep. And everyone knows that sleep deprivation is really dangerous.

Irritates the Brain Function

Wi-Fi has an impact on the brain function and the ability to concentrate. So, the activity of the brain is reduced, so you may experience difficulty concentrating or memory loss.

Neutralizes the sperm

Wi-Fi is threatens man’s virility. Thus, exposure to Wi-Fi frequency can reduce the sperm movement and DNA fragmentation.It may also affect fertility and increase the risk of having an abnormal pregnancy.

May cause cardiac stress

A lot of people experience physical responses to the electromagnetic frequencies, such as increased heart rate.

Increases the Risk of Cancer

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi increases the risk of developing cancer.

How to protect yourself and your children from electromagnetic rays:

• Turn off the Wi-Fi when you don’t use it
• Turn off all Wi-Fi programs before going to bed
• Don’t put the router in the kitchen or in the living room
• Replace the wireless fixed-line phone with wired
• Don’t keep your phone in the pocket